The SE7EN Deadly Sins

  A couple begins a discussion and suddenly the rage begins to boil. A man has a little habit he fulfills on the internet and suddenly it begins to take over as a destructive force in his marriage. Your neighbor gets a pool and a new car and suddenly you begin to dislike them and everything they stand for. A student decides to skip a few classes and suddenly all he does is find ways to not do anything but play. A woman gets desperate for “just a little bit more” and suddenly she and her business is being observed by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Someone begins to feel a little insecure and suddenly they become obsessed about the world revolving around them.

Each begins to look for someone else to blame. But the real enemy lurks deep within. Each of them is a victim but not in the way they might think. An invader, a deadly parasite has wrapped its powerful, controlling tentacles around each victim’s heart.

These seven deadly sins are on a mission to destroy everything that is good about you. Left unchecked these sins have the power to destroy your life and those closest to you. But, we are not powerless, the God who created us has made a provision for us and given us keys to walk in freedom.

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